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Pool Contracting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

There is only one place to turn to for friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and experienced pool contracting and services and that's Oasis Pools & Spas in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Our locally owned and operated pool company has been serving customers just like you for more than 20 years. Moreover, we command more than 30 years of pool experience and we are ready to work for you.

Young Boy Swimming, Pool Contracting in Pittsburgh, PA

We Proudly Offer:

• In Ground Pool Sales
• Above Ground Pool Sales
• Water Testing

• Liner Replacements
• Part and Accessories

Our Business Story
We started by walking into a hunting and swimming pool store 30 years ago. They needed help and we were right for the job.

After 10 years, we decided to start our own pool store. This was mainly because so many customers asked why we weren't in pool sales for ourselves. We began to wonder why we weren't as well.

We decided to open our own store and provide quality services including expert water testing. Today, we work hard for our customers to ensure they are satisfied with our services.


Contact us in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and let our pool contracting work for you.