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Water Testing and Pool Accessories in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

At Oasis Pools & Spas in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we are dedicated to helping you make your pool a fun place to spend time. That is why we offer pool services including water testing and pool accessories sales.

Water Testing
It is important to hire a professional to balance the chemicals in your pool in order to maintain properly sanitized water. This professional needs to understand why and how you are treating your pool. If you have water quality issues we are here.

Bring us a sample from your pool and we will run a complete computerized water quality diagnosis. This service will let us know if you have a water quality issue and will let us know what to do to fix it. If there is a problem, we can tell you how to treat your water with proper chemicals.

Young Girls Swimming, Pool Accessories in Pittsburgh, PA

Liner Replacements
Above and underground pools both have liners that need to be replaced every 10 years or so. Liners are made from vinyl and keep the water inside your pool.
Above ground pool liners can be purchased from us and installed by our experts when it is convenient for you. If you have an in ground pool, we can also offer liner services. To do this, one of our experts will come to your home to measure your pool for its custom-made liner.

Part and Accessories
To complement our pool contracting services, we sell parts and accessories for both in ground and above ground pools. Stop by our showroom and see what have to offer. We can help you find the parts you need or provide you with expert advice on what you need including:

• Chemical Testing
• Pump Parts
• Pool Vacuums

• Pool Heaters

Contact us in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and let our pool services, including water testing and pool accessories bring you summer fun.